Sarah Crewe: in the space between

in the space between

‘this thing out of the squashed cabbage leaves of covent garden’
higgins on eliza, act v, pygmalion

convent    was there ever a more freudian slip
confess to being lost in a place that lashes
sparkle   the starving     extends its special welcomes
to tree huggers    latte sippers    ten pound gelato suckers
singing hare krishna    white evangelicals
george harrison rip-offs    ask yourself eliza:
are you a vacationist   or the prodigal
daughter returned     a misplaced brolly or fire
iron    dazzling intellectual or     common
ignorant     girl     take a people’s vote on it&
slap it on billboards: not especially yummy
not yr fucking mother          wild histrionics
from a heartless guttersnipe    a rosy glow
arpeggio   ascending    wet round the ankles

Sarah Crewe is a working class feminist poet from the Port of Liverpool. Her first poetry collection, floss, is available from Aquifer Books. Previous work includes weimar after dark, (a zine of poems on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz) and echolalia (Litmus Publishing, 2016). Her poems have also appeared in zarf, para.text, Cumulus, Tenebrae, Guttural, Datableed and the And Other Poems website. She has a MA in Poetry as Practice from the University of Kent and is one third of Stinky Bear Press.

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