Pratyusha is an Indo-Swiss writer based in London. Her latest pamphlet, Bulbul Calling, was published with Bitter Melon Press in 2020. She writes poetry, prose, and reviews. Her website:

Katy is a poet and researcher from the Midlands, and co-founded amberflora with Pratyusha in 2017 to think critically and expansively about ecopoetry with others. Katy is interested in watery geographies and loops/layers of time.

f. is a mixed Chicana poet of Yucatecan descent based in what is commonly known as the United States. Her poetry and practices focus on the humid dimensions of her homelands, the history of regional language and its people, the complexities of ancestry and the land(s) which gave birth to her.

Haricha (visual editor) is a British Indian illustrator and Korean-English translator currently based in London. She enjoys learning languages and making whimsical paintings. Her website: