Kathrine Sowerby: feed the furnace

feed the furnace

small deciduous compounds     move like marble     with needle-like focus
pink sky     burning petals     the red element     a hint of blue     reinforced
resembles leaving     leaves falling     a pigeon’s heart bubbles in the oven
fractured foil     treacle dark     orange tiles     set the table     purple flowers
silk     glasses of water     an hour moves     across stone-yellow lowlands
cuts the garden clear     large holes     scarlet paste     the garden of blood-red
blue light     berry-like     deep     fleshy     rarely debated     the stone is rotated

Kathrine Sowerby is the author of House However and The Spit, the Sound and the Nest (Vagabond Voices) and That Bird Loved (Hesterglock Press). She is half of the collaborative writing duo Usual Shoe and has taken part in poetry translation projects in Latvia and Pakistan. Recent poems can be found in DATABLEED and Gutter.

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