Jakky Bankong-Obi: Two Things

Two Things

Press two moist things together
Where one shrinks, the other swells

The way water enters and air
Escapes, making a body ripen

And cells remembering hunger
The mouth eats, in osmosis for growth

The way rainforest foragers
Unearth archaeal lushness in dry season

And undersoil water to heartwood
Seduce sweetness from a core of rotting things

And how where the sky meets the sea,
A new horizon opens at the edge of seeing.

Jakky Bankong-Obi is a Media Consultant writing from Abuja, Nigeria. Her poems have been featured in The London Grip, Voices of Eve, The Kalahari Review, Cephalo Press and others. Jakky enjoys long walks, yoga and dabbling in nature photography.

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