Anastasia Cojocaru: Catharsis


In the summer
we walked through the forest
then past
dwarf weeping willows
coming out of cracked land
by the Siret river
and washed the wool
we carried in coșărci1
in the hasty stream.

1 wicker baskets

Anastasia Cojocaru is a recent graduate of The University of Aberdeen in English and International Relations. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po Paris. She is a queer woman of Romanian heritage. Her poetry and prose are inspired by her memories growing up in post-communist Romania, the time she spent abroad, and Romanian superstitions, myths & folklore. She writes about moments that she has been affected by in a way that helps her process and understand what she feels. She also loves practising yoga, cycling, and going to tango classes.

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