Heather O’Donnell: Say of this Night

Say of this Night;

Screaming foxes, like mandrakes
unstuck from burrow of thoughts

Vespertine dark asks, where
is the matter? If you listen,

radio-babble sealed & suckered
to inside of car. Other lives hang

like a black mantilla. A roosting
wood pigeon voiced a wound,

an atavistic curfew to I life
planning. A lay down here word-

less; here is the other you aren’t


Heather O’Donnell is a Scottish writer of eco and occult poetry. Her poems have appeared in the magazines Witch Craft Mag, RAUM, From Glasgow to Saturn, SPAM zine and elsewhere. She has read and performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Based out of Glasgow, she is currently completing an MLitt in creative writing there. Find her @erica_plant_ on Twitter.

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