fred spoliar: sonnet on land

sonnet on land

that Timothy Chalamet scene in Little Women
pathetic love declarations to Saoirse Ronan on perfect
coloured hillside I thought this poem could be that
kind of decorative and long lined with American lying
ornamental on the property relation like topiary
yet urgent with hot lyric vanilla at last
I turn to you, and tell the secrets of my heart
vibes? Alone in the prairie I could build for the purpose
you have a singular mind, you are kind to the poor.
Didn’t we eat blackberries together once?
I love you! You know how they say don’t look down
when you’re climbing on top of the world, look down
is vertigo the land rushing up to say hello
it’s suddenly not about if she refused him or not
they fenced off marked for development
where we were standing, me and you. for £19.95
paid to HM Land Registry we can find out who

fred spoliar is an education worker in london. recent poems can be found in -algia, Pigs Zine, Tentacular and Erotoplasty. their pamphlet goodlands will be available in 2021. follow @debt_bubblebath on twitter.